Saturday, June 26, 2010


A true dental insurance with no waiting periods to start receiving benefits
that covers all pre-existing conditions
with no annual dollars limit or cap on benefits
and you pay no deductible.
All ages are covered.
Designed for small groups but works well with individual who want to take advantage of the low cost group plan.

Welcome to NAFMD
National Association for Medical and Dental.

We are a non-profit association dedicated to providing access to a group dental insurance plan that previously could not be obtained on an individual basis.

Becoming a member of NAFMD gives you access to perhaps the very best dental Insurance policy in the country.

SafeGuard Dental Insurance Co., with 1.8 million members, owned by Metropolitan Life is a strong stable company.

With a True CO-PAY PLAN of:


A Complimentary CareMark Drug Card and
Coast to Coast Vision Benefits That Is Also Included.

a wave of fresh air is coming to over One hundred million Americans who do not have Dental Insurance. SAFEGUARD HEALTH PLANS, INC., A METLIFE COMPANY is making Dental Insurance more affordable than ever.

Michelle Miller of CBSNEWS reports that the lack of dental coverage is leading to problems such as school absence, unemployment and death.

You Can Take Advantage Of This Savings Immediately:



2 CLEANINGS PER YEAR ------------------ $0

X-RAYS ----------------------------------- $0

FILLINGS --------------------------------- $0

EXTRACTIONS ---------------------------- $5

OFFICE VISITS ---------------------------- $5

SECOND OPINION -------------------------- $5




Administered by Coast To Coast Vision (CTC). Who has contracted with over 12,000 eye care locations nationwide to give you 20% to 60% discounts on eyeglasses, 10% to 20% discounts on contact lenses (excluding disposables), and other items offered at retail in the provider's office.

CTC also contracts with Opthalmologists in selected markets across the United States to provide members with discounts on eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye exams and surgical procedures (including LASIK) where available.


Added benefit of NAF-MD Association, receive the prescription drug
card (discount plan) through Caremark.

To find out what your particular prescription drug will cost, simply go online and find your pharmacy and prescription drug. Here's how it works:

� You can use anywhere in the country.

� Up to 60% off generic; from 10%-30% off preferred name brand.

� May order 3-month supply through mail.

Easily and securely sign up online and take the advantage of no waiting periods.

Benefit’s provided by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc., a MetLife company.

For more information:

With this plan you'll have no more excuses, take action today not tomorrow, you deserve a better smile and now it is more affordable than ever and there is no waiting periods to start receiving your benefits but you have got to take action TODAY!. Cick here to sign up.

Never Sick JOkE

Never Sick

Grandma Jones from the valley had never experienced a sick day in her life, so she didn't take it kindly when a bad case of the mulligrubs sent her to the hospital for observation.

By the time a pair of husky interns got Grandma tucked into bed, she had managed to complain about everything: the temperature, the lights, the skimpy gown, the food and the mattress, especially, the mattress.

Suddenly, Grandma spotted a small plastic item with a button, attached to a cord. "What's that?" she demanded.

"If you need anything in the middle of the night, Grandma," said one of the interns, "just press that button."

"What does it do, ring a bell?" she asked.

"No, it turns on a light in the hall for the nurse on duty," the intern replied.

"A light in the hall?" responded Grandma. "Look, I'm the sick one around here. If the night nurse needs a light on in the hall, she can get up and switch it on herself."


NAFMD: $5 CO-PAY Dental Insurance.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get Your Teeth Whiter Naturally

Whether you drink red-wine, cola, coffee or tea you will obviously experience teeth discoloration. In-fact any drink or food that has the ability to stain carpets, clothes or other fabrics can stain your teeth, these includes fruit juices, soy sauce, blueberries, and curry. You can help keep your teeth whiter or free from stain by observing the following.

While in most cases professional cleaning may be the best way to get rid of aged in stains these few steps may help you:

1. After every meal or drink rinse your mouth with plain water, make this a habit and do it for every meal whether the meal or drink is staining or not this way you won't forget.

2. Sip drinks that are capable of staining your teeth with a straw this will minimize contact with your teeth.

3. Floss after each meal, brushing is good but sometimes it does not get into in-between the teeth for better cleaning. Flossing helps to prevent plaque that absorbs color from drink or food.

4. Brush your teeth twice a day. This has more advantage than any one can write in a book, just know that it is so good and beneficial to brush twice daily more so if you are coffee drinker.

Talk to your dentist and get advise on professional options. Be very careful on over the counter whitening products. Sometimes it is cheaper to spend a little more now than spending big later.

Tooth sensitivity is a very common side effect of teeth whitening, make certain you know what you are doing.

For more information on choosing professional dentist visit fezdental and click on List Of Providers. You can even sign up securely for a $5 CO-PAY dental insurance that covers all pre-existing conditions with no waiting periods right there.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

These Dental Services Are For Zero Dollar Co-Payment

Diagnostic Treatment For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Periodic oral evaluation
  • Limited oral evaluation - problem focused
  • Oral Evaluation for a patient under three years of age and counseling with primary caregiver
  • Comprehensive oral evaluation - new or established patient
  • Detailed and extensive oral evaluation - problem focused, by report
  • Re-evaluation - limited, problem focused (established patient; not post-operative visit)
  • Comprehensive periodontal evaluation - new or established patient

Radiographs / Diagnostic Imaging For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Intraoral - complete series (including bitewings)
  • Intraoral - periapical first film
  • Intraoral - periapical each additional film
  • Intraoral - occlusal film
  • Extraoral - first film
  • Extraoral - each additional film
  • Bitewing - single film
  • Bitewings - two films
  • Bitewings- three films
  • Bitewings - four films
  • Vertical bitewings – 7 to 8 films
  • Panoramic film
  • Oral/facial photographic images

Tests and Examinations For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Collection of microorganisms for culture and sensitivity
  • Caries susceptibility tests
  • Pulp vitality tests
  • Diagnostic castsAccession of tissue, gross examination, preparation and transmission of written report
  • Accession of tissue, gross and microscopic examination, preparation and transmission of written report
  • Accession of tissue, gross and microscopic examination, including assessment of surgical margins for presence of disease, preparation and transmission ofwritten report
  • Laboratory accession of brush biopsy sample, microscopic examination, preparation and transmission of written report

Preventive Services For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Prophylaxis - adult
  • Prophylaxis – child
  • Topical application of fluoride (prophylaxis not included) - child
  • Topical application of fluoride (prophylaxis not included) - adult
  • Topical fluoride varnish; therapeutic application for moderate to high caries risk
  • Nutritional counseling for control of dental disease
  • Tobacco counseling for the control and prevention of oral disease
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Sealant - per tooth

Restorative Treatment For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Amalgam - one surface, primary or permanent
  • Amalgam - two surfaces, primary or permanent
  • Amalgam - three surfaces, primary or permanent
  • Amalgam - four or more surfaces, primary or permanent
  • Resin-based composite - one surface, anterior
  • Resin-based composite - two surfaces, anterior
  • Resin-based composite - three surfaces, anterior
  • Resin-based composite - four or more surfaces or involving incisal angle (anterior)

Crowns Service For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Provisional crown
  • Recement inlay, onlay, or partial coverage restoration
  • Recement cast or prefabricated post and core
  • Recement crown
  • Sedative filling
  • Temporary crown (fractured tooth)
  • Crown repair, by report

Crowns/Fixed Bridges - Per Unit For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Provisional pontic
  • Recement fixed partial denture

Adjunctive General Services For $0.00 Co-Payment

  • Fixed partial denture sectioning
  • Local anesthesia not in conjunction with operative or surgical procedures
  • Regional block anesthesia
  • Trigeminal division block anesthesia
  • Local anesthesia
  • Consultation (diagnostic service provided by dentist other than practitioner
    providing treatment)
  • Office visit for observation (during regularly scheduled hours) -no other services
  • Case presentation, detailed and extensive treatment planning

For More Information or To Sign Up For This Program Visit Fezdental.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obama's Health Reform On Your Dental Insurance

About 40 million Americans are without Dental Insurance but Thank Goodness for the Obama Health Reform especially on Dental Insurance.

Now through National Association for Medical and Dental (NAFMD) Underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance (MetLife) any one can get a Dental Insurance at an affordable Group rate for individuals. A group insurance that covers all pre-existing conditions that mean no matter what the condition of your teeth are you will be able to get an excellent dental plan without any begging.

Not only does it cover all pre-existing condition it also has no Deductible and there is no waiting period. Wow! is what I said, Having been selling insurance for quite some time I have never heard anything like that before.

The Dental Insurance that we all used to know will cost you an arm and a leg and yet you will not be able to use it until at least 6 months from purchase date. Paying about $50 a month for the next six months before you can access your benefits, that a lot of money for the average Joe, that is why average Joe does not have Dental Insurance. That is all about to change starting with NAFMD leading the way.

Now you can get a Dental Insurance Plan that offers no Waiting period for benefits to start, What it means to you is you can enroll on the plan this month and use it the first of the following month.

Covers all pre-existing condition, no matter what you got you are covered, isn't that sweet?

No annual dollar limit or cap on benefits, Dental insurance as we know it till now has a maximum amount of money you are covered for per year, maybe $1000 or $1500. That also has changed with NAFMD you have not limit on the dollar amount you can spend as long as you need work done it will be done.

No deductible, you do not have to pay anything before the benefits start to pay the rest. You will only have a low co-payment per procedure and treatment with some co-payment as little as $0.00, yes zero dollar.

Covers from any age to all ages, everybody is included. All age covered, Individual, dependant(s) or as a family and Small Business.

For more information or to visit NAFMD click take me to low cost Dental Insurance.